about ben

Hey I’m Ben, feel free to come talk to me if you need a friend. I’m a good listener and I don’t judge (unless you REALLY hit a nerve about something I’m passionate about or attack one of my friends).

I’d honestly prefer it if you call me Catherine, but my nickname may have already gotten out of my control.

I’m bisexual, I have a fantastic girlfriend Rachel.

I  have two little sisters who I am very protective of. 

I’m going through clinical depression, but at this point I’m willing to fight back and try my best to get better. I’ll still have down days. I already tag self-harm and suicide religiously, but if there is ANYTHING you need me to tag say the word!

The only thing I’d ask epopletag is this “Terezi comitting suicide” theory that exploded recently. It’s really upsetting to me.

Blogs I run:



music blog


nsfw blog

hat porn nsfw

you are beautiful (co-run by my friend biff)

ways to contact me:







Feel free to talk to me or add me on any website :) I love making friends

if you need me to tag anything just say the word!